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Transnationalizing Modern Languages – Policy Report 2018

The Transnationalizing Modern Languages (TML) project, initiated 2014, has brought together an international team of researchers and practitioners to address key issues in language and culture education. Starting from the forms of mobility that have defined the development of modern Italian cultures across the globe, the project has engaged with cultural associations, schools, policy makers and individuals in an exploration of heritage, cultural memory, and educational practices, carrying out work in the UK, Italy, South America, Australia, Ethiopia, the USA, and Namibia.

TML published Policy Report which calls for the reframing of the study of MLs in Higher Education in the UK and, more broadly, of approaches to the study of languages and cultures.

The report, which refers to CLE’s London Statement, is available here: 

Translating Cultures and Modern Languages, 9 November, 2018

British Academy 9 November 2018, 10-30 am to 4.30 pm

The AHRC theme ‘Translating Cultures’ has been highly significant in furthering research across a wide range of disciplines. The event at the British Academy provides the opportunity to discuss the contribution that the theme has made to the development of Modern Languages by bringing together speakers from across the disciplinary field. The event also provides the opportunity to discuss the Policy Report ‘Reframing language education for a global future’, prepared by the large grant ‘Transnationalizing Modern Languages’ (TML). See:

The event is free and open to all, though places are limited. To book please visit:

Programme (full details will be placed online shortly):

10.30 -11.00: Tea and coffee

11.00-12.00: The Translating Cultures theme and Modern Languages
Chair: Neil Kenny (Oxford, BA Lead Fellow for Languages)

Charles Forsdick (Liverpool, Translating Cultures theme leader)
Alison Phipps (Glasgow, PI Researching Multilingually)
Rebecca Braun (Lancaster, PI Authors and the World)
Charles Burdett (Bristol/Durham, TML) and Jenny Burns (Warwick, TML)

12.00-13.00: The TML Policy Report and Language Education
Chair: Derek Duncan (St Andrews, TML)

Lucy Jenkins (Cardiff, Modern Languages Student Mentoring Project)
Nick Mair (former Chair, Independent Modern Languages Association & Dulwich College)
Helen Myers (Chair ALL London and The Ashcombe School)

13.00-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.00: The TML Policy Report: Broader Implications
Chair: Loredana Polezzi (Cardiff, TML)

Karen Salt (Nottingham, Centre for Research in Race and Rights)
Bernadette Holmes (Principal Researcher, Born Global)
Hilary Footitt (Reading, PI The Listening Zones of NGOs)

15.00-15.30: Tea and coffee

15.30-16.30: Concluding Session
Chair: Janice Carruthers (Queen’s, Belfast, AHRC Leadership Fellow in MLs)

Claire Gorrara (Cardiff, Chair of UCML)
Charles Forsdick (Liverpool, Translating Cultures theme leader)

Call for Papers: “Language, Translation, and Migration”, 24–26 May, 2018

Language, Translation, and Migration CONFERENCE & PUBLIC SUMMIT, 24-26 May 2018

Abstracts of no more than 350 words (max and including references, if absolutely necessary) are invited by 15th February.

Please create an account with EasyChair to submit your abstract.

Fill in the relevant boxes and upload a pdf version of your abstract in the ‘paper’ field. 

Call for Papers: “IMAGE-TEXT-MUSIC”, 18–20 October, 2018

“Text-Image-Music” Crossing The Borders Conference

18–20 October 2018
Institute of English Philology at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

  1. Thematic sessions: 30th April, 2018
  2. Individual abstracts: 15th May, 2018
  • Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 15th June, 2018.



CLE2018: Call for Papers

Symposium of the Cultural Literacy in Europe Forum – 2018

Monday 9 – Tuesday 10 July 2018
Monash University Prato Centre
Via Pugliesi 26, 59100 Prato, Italy

Organised by Monash University, with the support of the Monash Education Academy

Call for Papers

Learning from Cultural Literacy: Practice and Theory

The first biennial Cultural Literacy in Europe Conference took place in London in April 2015; the second in Warsaw in 2017. We are now pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the second Interim Symposium of the Cultural Literacy in Europe forum (CLE). The Symposium serves a dual purpose – as an independent event, and as an introductory session to the biennial Cultural Literacy in Europe Conference (next to be held in Lisbon in 2019).

In 2018, the Symposium will take place at the Monash Prato Centre in Tuscany. Grounded in Literary and Cultural Studies, Cultural Literacy addresses cultures and cultural artefacts as text-like constructions that are inherently readable, and subject to interpretation. Under the broad thematic umbrella of “Learning from Cultural Literacy”, this interdisciplinary Symposium aims to share new research on Cultural Literacy and its application to different fields. We welcome applications that touch on one or more of the following areas:

* Pedagogical approaches to Cultural Literacy: how can we best teach/learn using Cultural Literacy as a pedagogical method, or how can we teach/learn about Cultural Literacy, as a subject matter?

* What can translation teach us about Cultural Literacy?

* Creative representations of Cultural Literacy.

* Semiotics and cultural readability, different approaches to reading and interpreting the world.

* Cultural Literacy and digital humanities.

* Literature and Cultural Literacy: literary theory vs. literary practice.

* Cultural Literacy and inter/transdisciplinarity.

The Symposium will include presentations, discussion papers, workshop sessions and roundtables on potential research areas for collaborative international projects through publications and grants, in Europe and abroad.

Download the Call for Papers / flyer (PDF)


The proposed format will include practice-based workshops, paper presentations , and roundtables. We will also have a forum for doctoral student presentations in the evenings.

How to contribute


Please see the menu on the right for further information

Call for Papers: “Expanded Translation”, 25 August, 2017

Poetry in Expanded Translation II:

Intersemiotic Translation—Between Text & Image

International interdisciplinary conference 
8 – 10 November 2017
Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, France.

Deadline for abstracts 25/08/17

Poetry in Expanded Translation II: Between Text and Image will consider the relationship between poetry and visual texts as a form of translation. It will also explore the place of language within visual works as poetic discourse and investigate the reception of poetry and visual art across linguistic boundaries. Transposition will therefore be examined alongside translation as a means of exploring interlingual and intersemiotic crossovers. These will include sound poetry’s transformation into written score, concrete or visual poetry written across languages, and literary work transformed into visual art works. Reception of verbo-visual translation in and out of book formats will be a central focus.