How do I become a member?

Please click on the ‘Sign up’ button below to become a member.

What is Cultural Literacy Everywhere (CLE)?

The CLE [Cultural Literacy Everywhere] forum was established to unite researchers, academics, educators, artists, policy-makers and members of the cultural industries aiming to promote the interdisciplinary field of ‘literary and cultural studies’ [LCS] and its relationship to other research fields and cultural sectors, to develop and extend the contribution of LCS to Europe and its challenges.

Who can be a member?

Anyone with an interest in Cultural Literacy can become a member.

How long is the membership?

Membership runs for a year following the date of joining. You will have to renew your membership annually.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members of CLE join and support a vibrant international community dedicated to common goals and networking through the website and other channels. They are entitled to

  • be entered on the CLE mailing-list and searchable Members’ Research Interests list;
  • attend Biennial Conferences, interim workshops and other CLE activities;
  • apply for bursaries at Biennial Conferences and other events;
  • become involved with SIG [Special Interest Groups] groups;
  • apply for annual competitions for research support;
  • participate in earmarked Early-career events, if eligible;
  • attend Annual General Meetings, with voting rights;
  • elect and/or stand for election to the CLE Core Group.

Membership rates

There are two types of CLE membership: