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Thursday 16 April

Venue: Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, 43 Gordon Square

Time Content Venue
4-5pm Registration GOR B01
5pm Welcome to Birkbeck
The Master of Birkbeck, Prof. David Latchman
5.10–6.10pm Keynote
Alexandre Quintanilha – Inclusive knowledge… how? (see video)
6.10-6.30pm Art installation Do or DIY (Expanded Second Edition) GOR The Peltz Gallery Exhibition Space
6.30-7pm Book launch From Literature to Cultural Literacy eds Naomi Segal & Daniela Koleva, Palgrave Macmillan
& Reception
GOR Cinema lobby
7-9.40pm The Act of Killing
Discussion leader: Prof Alan Norrie
GOR Birkbeck cinema

Friday 17 April

Venue: Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, Malet St (Torrington Sq)

Time Content Venue
8.30am Registration
Coffee & tea
9.30-10.00am Welcome MAL B36
10-11am Keynote
David King – Towards ecocivilisation in the 21st century: re-incorporating humanity into the natural world
11am-12noon: Papers – parallel sessions 
Cultural Memory
Migration & Translation
Digital Textuality
Biopolitics & the Body
Barbara Spadaro
Travelling Memories: transnational trajectories of Italians from North Africa
Luis de Miranda
‘Esprit de corps’, past and present: studying the genealogy of a concept of togetherness, with ‘culturomics’…
Tom Cheesman
Translation comparison
Juliette Feyel
Taxidermia by György Pálfi: a contemporary history of the body?
Alison Ribeiro de Menezes
On the ‘Argentinization’ of Spanish Memory Debates, and their implications for the future
Michela Baldo
Queer Italian-British diaspora: translating home
Nevena Dakovič
Memory narrative and digitext: Judenlager Semlin
Katarzyna Kociołek
Cultural Translation and Punk Fashion in the 1980s
Rogerio Puga
Literary and historical myths, cultural memory & nationalism
Ki Jeong Song
Forging a postcolonialist feminist identity through rewriting
Maurizio Lana
Towards a new approach to cultural literacy
Kamilla Pawlikowska
Literacy in Crisis: reading faces in 20th-century literature and the visual arts
12.00-1.30pm Lunch – own arrangements
Practice workshop led by Gabriel García-Ochoa & Nick Monk – Cultural Difference: A Practical Exploration MAL B02 (max 20 participants)
1.30-3.30pm Project presentations – see video
Room: MAL B36

3.30-4.00pm Coffee break MAL B02 & B04
4.00-6.00pm Breakout groups ending in plenary discussion MAL B36 –> MAL B29/B30/G15/G16 –> MAL B36
6.00-7.00pm Keynote
Michael CroninEating Our Words: Books, burgers and the biosphere (see video)
8-10pm Conference dinner (reserve via booking) Ambassadors Hotel, Woburn Place

Saturday 18 April

Venue: Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, Malet St (Torrington Sq)

Time Content Venue
9-9.30am Registration MAL B04
Coffee & tea MAL B02
9.30-11am Policy-makers/stakeholder panel – see video
Room: MAL B36

11am–12 noon Keynote
Aleida Assmann – Resonance and Impact: towards a theory of the emotions in cultural memory (see video)
12 noon–1pm: Papers – parallel sessions
Cultural Memory
Migration & Translation
Digital Textuality
Biopolitics & the Body
Gabriela Dima
Schoolbooks in the 18th-century Romanian Provinces…
Alexandra Lopes
Something to be hung about – the many faces of Richard Zimmler’s ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’
Frederik Tygstrup
Transformations of Fiction
Heather Bradshaw-Martin
Fictionality and Textuality On the Road: driving the future
Christine Nicholls
Australian Aboriginal dreaming narratives, ‘hard’ knowledge transmission and linguistic and cultural memory desuetude
Barnita Bagchi
The Translator as Writer, The Writer as Translator: Vikram Seth’s ‘Two Lives’ (2003) and ‘The Rivered Earth’ (2011)…
Piotr Marecki
Augmented Reality storytelling
Sangkyu Shin
Human Enhancement and Social Justice – How to frame a problem?
Roxana Patraş
Talking Dissidence in fin-de-siècle Romania: literature’s business into political affairs
Enza De Francisci
Read all about it: Giovanni Grasso’s Sicilian dialect theatre in London
Maciej Maryl
Computer-Generated Typology of Weblog Subgenres? on integrated research in literary and cultural studies
Paulo Serra
Surveillance medicine and the rhetoric of risks
1-3pm (poster session starts at 1.30) Lunch – own arrangements
Poster session
Room: MAL B02

3:00-4pm Keynote
Lars Elleström A Medium-Centred Model of Communication in the Context of Cultural Literacy (see video)
4-4.30pm Coffee break MAL B02 & B04
4.30-5.30pm: Papers – parallel sessions 
Cultural Memory
Migration & Translation
Digital Textuality
Biopolitics & the Body
Ann David
Embodied cultural memories of the Punjab: ‘Giddha’ dance and song in migrant London spaces
Lucia Aiello
Figures of Displacement: language and memory in Amelia Rosselli’s multilingual poetry
Nagihan Haliloglu
Cultural Literacy for Istanbul: reading and writing the ‘tekke’
Laura Colombino
Embodiments of the urban and the global
Aleksandra Rychlicka
In Past We (Dis)Trust – the post-1989 transformation of cultural memory into mass memory
Madeleine Campbell
Atavism in ‘minor’ literatures
Kiene Brillenburg Wurth
Imagining the disappearing of writing systems: the futures of alphabetic writing in literature
Dario Gentili
The biopolitical ‘dispositif’ of the neoliberal crisis
Igor Maver
Recollections of the Austro-Hungarian past…
Joanna Szerszunowicz
Cultural Memory and lacunary idioms in a cross-linguistic and cross-cultural perspective
Kieran Fenby-Hulse
The impact of digital music platforms on music listening and experience
Øyvind Eide
The human body between texts, maps, and landscapes
5.30-6.30pm Closing session: conclusions and way forward (see video) MAL B36

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