Arts and Humanities in the Tech-Era

The rapid development of technology has not only changed the way we work, communicate, travel,
and do business, but has also had a major impact on the forms and content of artistic endeavour.
The domain of arts and humanities and the domain of technology demonstrate distinctly different
characteristics, and are still perceived by many as separate, but have become more and more
entwined in the 20th and 21st centuries. The move from the era of digitalization to the fourth
industrial revolution, the age of the Internet of Things, which we are now entering, has influenced
the realm of artistic creation, but it has in turn been vividly impacted by the visual arts, music,
design, cinema and literature. Similarly, the humanities understood in a broad sense – the study and
development of literature, language, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology – have been
involved in the process of transformation as a source of innovative ideas for technological
advancements and simultaneously have used the technological domain for their own purposes e.g.
to develop the new sphere of digital creativity or improve accessibility to cultural heritage.
The group intends to explore the dynamic interrelations between the spheres of fast developing
technologies and the arts and humanities, their mutual connections and disparities, the intersections
of artistic, cultural and technological trends and future developments, together with the gains, risks
and ethical considerations that they may potentially carry.
The group invites professionals and enthusiasts involved in the humanities, arts, design, education,
social sciences as well as different engineering fields, both theoreticians and practitioners, to ignite
explorations, research, and artistic creations, on the boundaries between the humanities and

Activities would include, among others, workshops, events, attendance at conferences and

If you are interested in becoming involved in this Special Interest Group’s activities, please contact
Grażyna Budzińska at