CLE 2016: Workshop programme

DAY 1, MAY 18  (Room 144, 1st Floor)


15:00-16:00 – Introductory remarks

16:00-17:10 – 1st session

SECTION 1: Why are we afraid? | Moderator: Naomi Segal
Marek Zaleski Institute of Literary Research, PAS Why are we afraid of migrants?
Draginja Nadażdin Amnesty International Avoiding the responsibility for refugees
Justyna Tabaszewska Institute of Literary Research, PAS Are We Not All Migrants? Affective Ambiguity of the Migrant within Polish Cultural Discourse
Teodor Ajder Mămăliga de Varșovia magazine The Multidimensionality of (Non-)Presence of Poland’s Resident Non-Polish writers.

COFFEE BREAK (Room 134, 1st Floor)

17:30-18:40 – 2nd session

SECTION 2: Ethics and Memory | Moderator: Adam Lipszyc
John Sundholm University of Stockholm/ISTME Memory is where we have arrived rather than were we have left. Agency, acts and future, and other key coordinates for studying migrants’ memory practices.
Andrzej Leder Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, PAS The question of responsibility in the discussion of migration issues
Patrycja Sasnal Polish Institute of International Affairs Ethical migration policy as a challenge for the EU
Madeleine Campbell CLE Intersemiotic Translation as Process in Cultural Production

18:40-19:00 – short summary

19:30 – Dinner  (Sardynia, Oboźna 9)


DAY 2, MAY 19 (Room 242, 2nd Floor)

9:00-10:10 – 3rd session

SECTION 3: Self-representation | Moderator: Heather Bradshaw
Joanna Kosmalska University of Łódź Transnational Dimensions of Polish Migrant Literature
Mary Gallagher University College Dublin Teaching and Researching so-called “Migrant Writing”‘.
Claudia Ciobanu Mămăliga de Varșovia magazine The migrant voice: quiet and a little schizophrenic

COFFEE BREAK (Room 134, 1st Floor)

10:30-11:40 – 4th session

SECTION 4: Representing migration | Moderator: Anna Barcz
Robert Crawshaw University of Lancaster Text, Inter-semiosis, Affect and Impact: brief reflections on Ariane Mnouchkine’s ‘Le dernier Caravanserai’ as a representation of migration.
Agnieszka Dauksza Jagiellonian University Affective diffusion between migrants and local communities. Case of Lampedusa Island
Dorota Jarecka Institute of Literary Research, PAS Representing Migration in Contemporary Art. The Artists’ Dilemma.
Paweł Mościcki Institute of Literary Research, PAS Fleeing Visibility of the Refugees

11:40-12:30 – Summary